Dakota Bear

What is the Dakota Project?

This is a set of reference files for a cat named Dakota. It is intended to allow people like yourself to construct computer models and artwork based on Dakota.

Dakota passed away on 6-27-15. For 15 years he was by my side day and night. He was very loved and it is my hope that people who want to try their hand at making a 3D model of a cat (realistic or otherwise), or knows someone who does, can and will utilize these files. We would love to see him again in 3D (Think HoloLens). We would absolutely love a 3D print. If you would like to create a work based on him we ask only that you be respectful. People sometimes forget there are people on the other side of these things. If you do create something we would also like for you to send us a copy so that we can host it on the project page for others to see your work, learn, and be inspired.

Twitter: Post your work under the #DakotaProject hashtag.

DOWNLOAD:  Dakota Project Reference Files (.ZIP) (552 MB)

We only ask that you be respectful, let us know what you’ve done, and follow the few rules we have laid out in the project file name folder.

Thank you,
Sodium Crush

A few photos of his sister Cheyenne are included in the zip file. She is a darker feminine version of Dakota.


DOWNLOAD:  Dakota Project Reference Files (.ZIP) (552 MB)


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