Politesse (Card Game)



Politesse™ (2-6) Players

pol·i·tesse (päləˈtes/) noun: formal politeness or etiquette.

“Please to meet you… We hope you love this game.”

A fun social experience. Great for kids and adults alike.

This game begins with each player choosing their Country (color) from the deck of cards. After selecting their Country they are given the Town, Metropolis, Capitol, and Bomb cards for their respective Country (color).

Each player lays the Town, Metropolis, and Capitol cards in front of them in that order. The rest of the deck is shuffled and each player draws cards equal to the number of players. Each player should now be holding three-six Attack cards and their own Country’s (color’s) Bomb card. If a player is knocked out of play the same number of cards should still be drawn by the remaining players.

Someone should be chosen to be the score keeper. This person will keep track of the HP (hit points) of each Country’s Town, Metropolis, and Capital. It is recommended that they use paper and pen/pencil to keep track.



A player attacks by choosing another player to target. – Say (Red) chooses to attack (Purple).

(Red) may choose any card from his or her own hand to attack.
(Red) may only attack (Purple’s) smallest living city (Town < Metro < Capitol).
If (Purple’s) Town has lost all if its HP then (Purple’s) Metropolis would be his smallest living city.
So on and so forth.

BUT! If (Red) has any purple colored cards, they can choose that card to attack any of (Purple’s)
Cities regardless of size or health. Once (Red) chooses a card (Purple) then chooses a card from his or her own hand to defend.
If (Red) chooses to attack with a 7(Green) and (Purple) then chooses to defend with a 3(Orange)
(Purple) takes 4 damage.

BUT! If a target chooses the attacker’s Country (color) to defend with, they have a chance to
deal damage to the attacker.

THUS! If (Red) chooses to attack with a 7(Green) and (Purple) then chooses to defend with a
9(Red), (Red) would take 2 damage to their smallest living city.

After each play the cards go into the played pile. After each round (after all players have played) all players draw from the shuffled stack. If there are not enough cards in the shuffled stack, the played stack is shuffled and cards are then drawn.

TIP: Once a player plays their own Country’s (color’s) Bomb card any player may later draw that card giving them the ability to attack that player’s Capitol with that Bomb card.